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This blog began in 2007 and was made by two self proclaimed neat freaks who are completely obsessed with solving life’s domestic and housekeeping problems. The team here at Home Palette love to create, organize and make our house a welcoming and relaxing place to call home.

The site was originally started as an extension to the Home Palette Carbon Footprint Wheel and was supposed to be a paid forum for mums and housekeepers to get advice on cleaning and saving money in the home. The project didn’t really take off the way we wanted and the website was left abandoned for many years.

But being the stubborn people that we are, in 2020 they relaunched the site as a free resource to help mums and housekeepers everywhere to help people tackle the issues which come with cleaning and raising a family.

The two have also written and published a number of best selling books together –

Spotless (2005) – The best selling Australian book for 2006

Speed Cleaning: A Spotless House in Just 15 Minutes a Day

How to be Comfy: Brilliant Ways to Make Your House a Home (2007)

Save: Your Money, Your Time, Your Planet (2008), Publisher: ABC Books

Spotless 2 (2009), Publisher: ABC Books

Household Wisdom (2011) Publisher ABC Books

Spotless Pets (2016), Publisher ABC Books

Spotless Baby (2015), Publisher ABC Books


Our Writers

Shannon Lush

Shannon Lush

Shannon Lush is a fine arts restorer who can fix anything from an expensive antiquity to a favourite aunt’s vase. She’s a keen collector of handy household hints, a lifelong passion. Shannon, the Cleaning Guru appearing as a regular guest on radio and television across Australia and New Zealand, helps listeners with all manner of domestic disasters and has never been stumped.

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Jen Fleming

Jennifer Fleming

Jennifer Fleming is a writer and broadcaster. She met Shannon over the telephone when Shannon rang talkback radio to give advice on spills and stains. Jennifer was so impressed with Shannon’s knowledge she approached her with the idea of writing a book. Jennifer knows as much about cleaning as most people but is building up her stain solving abilities.​

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